Make this frothy beverage for your next al fresco dinner

Image of Cutie Oranges, the star ingredient in this drink recipe

The "Cutie Fizz" is the drink we're kicking off the summer with.

Combine 1.5 cup fresh squeezed cutie juice (roughly 10 cuties) + 1.5 cup sparkling water + 2 t non GMO soy lesithin* in an ISI soda siphon, then shake to dissolve lecithin.
Prep your glass by dipping rim in Tang for a nostalgic and playful touch. Add ice, then alcohol of your choice. We recommend vodka or gin. Top with the soda and garnish with a wedge of cutie.

*Lecithin will stabilize your bubbles and make it extra frothy. 

Image of a glass of Cutie Fizz plus a Soda Siphon




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