A vintage blue and white floral tablecloth is the backdrop to so many of my childhood memories. My mother kept it with our picnic supplies and it came with us to our most favorite American West locales—Yellowstone, our cabin, and even our backyard.

Under the dappled light of a pine canopy, my mother would float this tablecloth over the table and we’d gather to share a meal together. This simple ritual is imprinted in my core memories as times of being most content and joyful.

Today I have my own traditions with my children and husband. Each summer, we journey to his hometown in the heart of gold country in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We swim in clear mountain lakes, eat watermelon in small town festivities and tell ghost stories with friends under the stars. It’s a beacon that draws us back time after time and has become a gathering spot for annual reunions.

Each of us has a happy place—or many happy places—that draw us back, where core memories are deep and we feel the promise of more unhurried time.

Golden Yarrow goods complement those happiest moments. These objects—hammocks, picnic blankets, tablecloths and more—accompany us in all the happy and familiar trappings of time spent with family: warm afternoons, shady naps, a cozy kitchen stocked with your favorite groceries, scary stories,
sleepovers, homemade candy, decorating a Christmas tree, picking fruit off perennial vines.

With the change of each season and the anticipation of rituals and gatherings, Golden Yarrow goods are a tangible touchstone—an item that immediately transports you through both their magic and familiarity. These goods are not special occasion items but make occasions more special.