Golden Yarrow textiles

Two of my biggest inspirations are vintage textiles and the beauty of the earth so our process fittingly uses time-honored techniques and natural materials.

To create our heirloom-quality goods, first we start with our designs which take cues from fabric from days gone by, as well as our favorite flowers, plants and animals, many from the American West, including our namesake Yarrow, plus poppies, lupine and bees.

We work with skilled artisans in India who use age-old weaving techniques, including dobby weaves, to bring our designs to life. Our embroidery and chenille tufting motifs are crafted by expert artisans with an individual touch on each product. 

We prioritize using all-natural high-quality materials, with most of our assortment made of 100% combed cotton and using OEKO-Tex certified dyes.

Each product is made with the intention of adding joy to your happiest moments.