Martha Stewart Just Validated Our Collections

Martha Stewart Just Validated Our Collections

I'm a huge fan of collecting items that bring back happy memories and brighten up your home. You'll find vignettes of vintage knickknacks and kids art on my mantle and bookshelves. Each item I choose to display has a special story attached to it. My husband may call it clutter but Martha Stewart calls it "clustercore" and I'm sticking to that.

Here's what says: "Clustercore encourages you to collect and carefully display trinkets, art, and baubles. Think of it this way: Clustercore is a celebration of your most prized possessions—and is the ultimate decorating style for avid collectors."

One way to avoid clutter is to create collections vertically--this wall in my dining room showcases art that I've collected over the years: on travels, in vintage stores and gifts from people who know me well. I work opposite it and love glancing up.

Curated Clustercore Art Wall

One tip: Just make sure you follow Marie Kondo and only use things that spark joy to make sure you keep your collections tight, curated and full of good vibes.

Read more tips for creating clustercore vignettes of your special objects here.



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