The Tastemakers that Love Golden Yarrow

The Tastemakers that Love Golden Yarrow

The pattern on our hammock that Emily Henderson called "100% perfect"

To say I'm a fan of Emily Henderson is an understatement. I've followed her for years online, plus read all of her books. And naturally agreed with all her style choices. So when she posted a supportive comment on one of my posts on Instagram, I was like a schoolgirl who got a call from her crush.

She later shared a Golden Yarrow product on her weekly Link Up. The product in question? The August Quilted Hammock in Huckleberry. Emily, a self-professed hammock fan, said this: "We had one at the mountain house and we would lay in it for hours. So when I saw this one I immediately knew that it would be perfect at the farm. The pattern is 100% perfect and the quality looks really good."

I'll just be over here picking myself up off the ground. 

Getting color praise from Banyan Bridges is high praise indeed

I met Rachael Jackson at karaoke during Alt Summit and immediately loved her. When I saw her work in Real Simple on my way home on the plane, I was shook. She's a muralist based in Portland and stars on Artfully Designed on Magnolia Network. She's legit and when this self-described "colorful little weirdo" gives color feedback, you listen. I sent her a hammock for her beautiful wooded yard. Here's what she said:

"There's something I absolutely adore about the way bold colors pop in nature. All of the wood and greenery is the perfect foil to make the colors just sing. My happiness meter is off the charts."

Thank you, Rachael!


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