Our ode to cotton percale sheets

Our ode to cotton percale sheets

When it came time to select fabric for our sheets, cotton percale was an easy choice. Percale is like the classic crisp white shirt in your closet--always in style and always a hit.

Percale is known for its closely woven criss-cross pattern making for a breathable fabric that makes sleeping cool. It's like sleeping on the cool side of the pillow. The tight weave also makes a smooth, matte texture. Percale is also celebrated for its durability and strength and its resistance to pilling.

What makes our cotton percale sheets special:

  • Our cotton yarns have premium finishes lending to an unmatched smooth, strong fabric.
  • We have a balanced weave--similar yarn count in both the warp and the weft-- which generally create stronger material than other basic weaves
  • We support an initiative to bring more sustainability to the cotton industry.
  • Our contrasting trim gives an elevated touch.
  • Our bold and cheerful designs immediately brighten any room up.


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